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Our Services

Tree Trimming & Removal
Trim, Removal, Haul-Off, Webworms.

Stump Grinding
Root Removal, Grinding and Haul-Off.

Lawn Care & Landscaping
Maintenance, Fertilization, Aeration, Fungicide, Cinch & Grub Control, Sod Installation.

Houses, docks, decks and driveways.

Our Seven Step Fertilizer & Weed Control Program

Our fertilizer and weed control program includes seven regularly scheduled applications to build a healthy, green lawn and control weeds. In addition to our seven step process we also spot treat lawns for any weeds that are not controlled with our normal applications. We are licensed applicators and apply materials that are commercial grade.

STEP 1--(Winter) February: Apply a liquid pre and post emergent to kill existing weeds and prevent warm season weeds from germinating.

STEP 2--March to Mid-April-fertilize to help promote a spring green up---Spot treat for weeds

STEP 3 THRU 5 --May,July,Sept: Apply a granular complete fertilizer that contains all the vital nutrients that are required for turf in our area. We do not use quick release fertilizers which provide a sudden growth spurt and then stop feeding which leads to the feast then famine scenarios. Our fertilizers contain appropriate proportions of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to ensure a green yard and healthy roots. Spot treat for weeds as needed.

STEP 6 --October: Apply liquid post and pre emergent to kill existing weeds and will prevent cool season weeds from germinating.

STEP 7 --November: Apply Winterizer. Fertilizing in the fall helps increase the cold tolerance of turfgrass and reduces stress during the winter months. Applying fertilizer in the fall also helps green up your lawn more quickly in the spring.